I no longer support OCTGN. Play in your browser at DragnCards.com

Download OCTGN (if you must)

You can download the latest release of OCTGN software here.
Once installed it will automatically check for updates and install them when you load the program.

Install The Lord of the Rings game definition

The first thing you’ll need to do is add a game feed. This tells OCTGN where the latest versions of various supported games can be found, including the Lord of the Rings. If you have already added this feed to OCGTN when installing other games you can skip this stage.
Within the Game Manager tab there is an “Add Game Feed” button, press this. You can call the feed anything you like – “OCTGN Game Directory” is as good as anything.
The URL you need to enter for the feed name is http://www.myget.org/F/octgngamedirectory/

Once the feed is added, selecting it from the Drop-down menu will show a list of games you can install.
Click on the LotR game entry and then press the install button. That’s it, simple!

The image files for the cards are an optional download, and can be found here. If you don’t install these o8c files, the game will create really cool proxy cards for you containing everything you need to play. The most recent sets are censored, i.e. they don’t contain all the card text. These are updated with the full card text when the cards have been out for 3 months and the o8c file with the card images will be made available after 6 months.

All the quest decks are built into the game. They are accessed from within a game by clicking File->Load Pre-built Decks.