LotR LCG (Digital) Pricing/FAQ

Valor Points (vp)

  • vp are the in-game currency.
  • vp cannot be purchased directly.
  • vp can be obtained in various ways (discussed below)


  • A campaign will consist of 5 quests.
  • The first quest in each campaign is always free.
  • The remaining quests will each cost either $2 or 3750 valor points (vp).


  • Hero packs contain 1 hero card and a 1 copy of 4 different player cards (one card from each of the 4 spheres of influence)
  • A hero pack costs $2 or 3750 vp.
  • You can have up to 2 copies of each player card in your collection.
  • You can buy cards with vp, with the price depending on the card’s rarity.
    • Common: 375 vp
    • Uncommon: 750 vp
    • Rare: 1125 vp (unconfirmed)
    • Legendary: 1500 vp (unconfirmed)
  • You can also get cards randomly by using Palantir Views.

Palantir Views (PV)

  • If you score 250 vp or higher in a quest, you get a PV for each hero that has not already earned one for that quest:
    • Play a quest with Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli, score 250+ vp, get 3 PV.
    • Play same quest with Aragorn/Legolas/Frodo, score 250+ vp, get only 1 PV.
    • Play a different quest with Aragorn/Legolas/Gimli, score 250+ vp, get 3 PV.
  • A PV, when used, gives you some vp (a few hundred) and a card (that you do not already have 2x of).
  • A PV can also sometimes give you a cosmetic item in addition to the above.
  • A PV also comes with each hero pack you buy.
  • A PV is also obtained each time you complete a campaign.

Free to Play

Once the game goes to full release, it will be free to start playing. Each new player will get the “Core Set” for free. This contains (ignoring cosmetics):

  • Core Set
    • 4 heroes
    • 68 player cards
    • 3,000 vp
    • 1 PV

Founder’s Packs

To participate in early access you need to buy a Founder’s pack. Neglecting cosmetics, here’s how they break down:

  • Shire Pack ($8)
    • Core Set (3,000 vp, 1PV)
    • +5,000 vp
    • +1 PV
  • Steward Pack ($16)
    • Core Set (3,000 vp, 1 PV)
    • +13,000 vp
    • +2 PV
  • Istari Pack ($28)
    • Core Set (3,000 vp, 1 PV)
    • +27,000 vp
    • +4 PV
  • Mithril Bundle ($48)
    • Core Set
    • Shire Pack
    • Steward Pack
    • Istari Pack
    • Total: 48,000 vp, 8PV

Math – what does it take to unlock everything?

At the start of EA there’s 1 free and 4 unlockable quests for 3750*4 = 15,000 vp

There’s 4 hero packs for 3750*4 = 15,000 vp

There’s around 70 valor cards. We were shown most of them (80%+) on the stream. The breakdown for those cards was:

  • 16 Common (8 different cards, 2x of each)
  • 24 Uncommon
  • 14 Rare
  • 10 Legendary

So if we take guesses for the last 20%, we can assume the full card pool is something like:

  • 28 Common
  • 24 Uncommon
  • 14 Rare
  • 10 Legendary

It also looks like each hero pack contains 1 Common, 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare, 1 Legendary. So once you have all 4 hero packs that leaves:

  • 24 Common (375*24 = 9,000 vp)
  • 20 Uncommon (750*20 = 15,000 vp)
  • 10 Rare (1125*10 = 11,250 vp (unconfirmed))
  • 6 Legendary (1500*6 = 9,000 vp (unconfirmed))

So 44,250 vp to buy them all 60 cards straight up. This could be higher if I’ve underestimated the cost of Rares/Legendaries.

This brings the total vp cost of all content to: 15,000 (campaign) + 15,000 (hero packs) + 44,250 (valor cards) = 74,250 vp

If you earn on average 250 vp for a 20 minute playthrough, it will take you roughly 100 hours to unlock everything. But buying everything with vp is a terrible way of getting content, because you will also be earning Palantir Views which, if used smartly, can bring this figure down a ton.

Optimal Purchase Strategy

By using each hero to beat each quest, you get (4 core heroes + 4 pack heros) * 5 quests = 40 Palantir Views. This will take at least 15 playthroughs, or about 5 hours. You will also have earned at least 15*250 = 3,750 vp from those wins.

This brings the total number of PV to:

  • 40 from hero/quest completions
  • +1 from Campaign completion
  • +4 (1 in each hero pack)
  • +1 from the Core Set
  • +1/2/4/7 for Shire/Steward/Istari/Mithril founder’s pack

So in total that’s 45+ PV. We’ve seen each PV grant a random card and around 300 vp. This should get you 45 of the 60 cards you need to unlock, plus 45*300 = 13.500 vp.

So it looks like the smart strategy is to buy 15 commons with vp (15*375 = 5,625), and unlock the remaining 45 cards with PV.

So with this optimal purchase strategy, the total cost of all content looks to be:

  • 15,000 vp for quests
  • 15,000 vp for hero packs
  • 5625 vp for buying up some commons
  • 45 PV earned through play in a reasonable amount of time

Then from all your valor obtained with the PV, you can almost buy the next full campaign, which unlocks another 40+ PV, and so on.

Mithril Bundle

With the Mithril Bundle ($48) granting 48,000 vp and 8 additional PV, it looks to be more than enough to get all the content, given this purchase strategy.

Shire Bundle

If you are looking to get all the content for cheaper, it seems like you could go in at the Shire level ($8) which gets you 8,000 vp, more than enough to buy 15 commons, then buy all the hero packs and quests for $2 each ($16) which would allow you to earn the 45 PV.

Free to Play

Once the game goes free to play, there will be people looking to avoid spending any money whatsoever. How much of a grind will this be to them?

Once you earn enough valor to unlock the quests (15,000 vp for the first campaign) and hero packs (15,000 vp for the first 4), you will have likely earned 45 PV already (if you’ve been rotating your hero lineups). But you’d still like another 5,625 vp to buy up 15 common cards before using the Palantir. But you can get this vp simply by first using around 20 PV (which grant a few hundred vp per use), then buying your 15 cmonnons, then using your remaining 25 PV to grab the rest of the cards.. So the cost to a free player will mainly be from the quests and hero packs (30,000 vp total).

If you earn on average 250 vp for a 20 minute playthrough, it will take you roughly 40 hours to unlock everything with a fully free-to-play strategy.