Boromir and Galdor

Boromir and Galdor

Main Deck

Hero (3)

Arwen Undómiel (The Dread Realm)

Boromir (The Dead Marshes)

Galdor of the Havens (The Grey Havens)

Ally (6)

3x Anfalas Herdsman (The Steward’s Fear)

3x Ethir Swordsman (The Steward’s Fear)

Attachment (22)

3x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock)

2x Favor of the Valar (The Battle of Carn Dûm)

3x Gondorian Fire (Assault on Osgiliath)

3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward’s Fear)

3x Protector of Lórien (Core Set)

2x Song of Travel (The Hills of Emyn Muil)

3x Song of Wisdom (Conflict at the Carrock)

3x Steward of Gondor (Core Set)

Event (22)

3x A Good Harvest (The Steward’s Fear)

2x A Test of Will (Core Set)

3x Daeron’s Runes (Foundations of Stone)

1x Dwarven Tomb (Core Set)

3x Elrond’s Counsel (The Watcher in the Water)

3x Elven-light (The Dread Realm)

3x Peace, and Thought (Shadow and Flame)

3x The Evening Star (The Grey Havens)

1x Will of the West (Core Set)

3 Heroes, 50 Cards

Cards up to The Grey Havens

Decklist built and published on RingsDB.


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